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John Campbelljohn from Canada has received awards like “Blues Guitarist Of The Year” and ”Canadian Slide Guitarist Of The Year”.  His last previous CD (Weight Of The World) was awarded for the best blues release (ECMA) in Canada. ”Good To Go” is his 8th release and he's not wasting his time. From the first bar we understand that this is rough, heavy, guitar based bluesrock. And as a trio this could have been boring and anonymous, but this is not the case since John Campbelljohn has some surprises. First, he is a very good slide player and pedal-steel-guitar player. He also can handle mandolin and bass when needed. It also helps that John has a groovy backup. Andrew Lambert on bass and Neil Robertson on drums can easily be compared to Double Trouble or The Destroyers.

John also impresses by being a good songwriter. This is good old fashion storytelling with great results. If the readers needs references, he can be described as a meeting between Tom Waits and George Thorogood. My favourite song is ”The Ballad of Shorty and Jimmy Jones”  who turns epic when John writes a Film Noir manuscript in 4 minutes.

When John delivers…way above standard blues rock, there is no reason to have any doubt. This is very close to being a new style for blues rock music. If powerful guitar music is good for you, this is the right record. Me, I have to start investigating his back catalog.

Jan Rustad