"The standard of John Campbelljohn's slide guitar playing is raised to a new record high."
- Rolling Stone, Germany

"Fans of guitar-gods-in-the-making might want to check it out!"
- Blues Revue, USA

"The John Campbelljohn Trio is burning blues-rock the way Johnny Winter once used to hit it in his prime time".
- Rolling Stone, Germany

"Anyone in the blues/rock world who is compared to Johnny Winter must feel flattered. John Campbelljohn deserves this praise."
- Liveclubs Magazine, Germany

"John Campbelljohn's 'Nerves Of Steel' overjoy's us with a potent Blues-Anthologie...quality & substance of equal worth."
- Tip Magazine, Germany

"It is difficult to find a good slide guitarist, who stands out from the crowd - one who manages to do so is Nova Scotian John Campbelljohn."
- Blues Bytes, USA

"'Hook Slide & Sinker', an excellent, extremely vital album, which grabs you and doesn't let go."
- Familie, Switzerland

"John Campbelljohn - furious slide guitar and exceptional songwriting."
- 708 Blues Magazine, Salzburg, Austria

"This Canadian masters his strings totally superb, particularly with the slide."
- Audio Live, Germany

"John's raw singing and his truly convincing guitar, particularly the slide passages, are a feast for the ears, have real class."
- Blues News Magazine, Germany

"John Campbelljohn and his trio have a lot of fun with their music - a rich, satisfying mixture of blues, rock 'n' roll and rock."
- Guitarre & Bass Magazine, Germany

"Slide-blues rock from a powerful trio, that does not have to hide behind Johnny Winter and consorts."
- Good Times, Germany

"A real delicatessen."
- In Music, Germany